“Y, what do you think about what X just said?” Conversation analysis of stance‐eliciting questions in open dialogue network meetings

Open dialogue is a resource‐oriented approach to mental health, which aims to help those involved in a crisis situation support each other and engage in dialogue. While language use in open dialogue is generally characterized as being open‐ended, nondirective, and nonevaluating on the professionals’ side, little is known about the specific conversational features. The aim of this study was to analyze the interactional functions of a stance‐eliciting question of the form: “Y, what do you think about what X just said?” We used conversation analysis (CA) to examine this in eight video‐recorded Danish open dialogue network meetings. In CA, stance involves expressions of attitude, affect, or judgments about people or events. We describe the interactional functions of these stance‐eliciting questions and discuss how clinicians used them as a tool for accomplishing neutrality. The findings can be used to gain a more nuanced understanding of open dialogue psychotherapeutic practices.

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