How to Have Spiritual Sex Between Soulmates

Sex is different for everyone and can change between partners over time. Embracing and respecting your sexuality will help you and your significant other lead a spiritual life. The act of lovemaking can truly be something sacred and profound. When couples have been together for a long time sometimes they lose passion, one way to improve your connection with your partner is creating spiritual sex between one another. After speaking with love therapy expert, Yaji Tramontini, we will give you the breakdown of what spiritual sex is and how it helps you and your partner become closer than ever before.

What is Spiritual Sex?

Spiritual sex is when we incorporate our sexual energy that goes far beyond our physical sensations of pleasure. Spiritual sex is more than a quick and simple orgasm, it is consciously practiced creating a heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. The essence of spiritual sex is an amazing inspiration, enhanced awareness, and a sense of merging with the life force.

“I’m a big believer in that we all have energy and our emotions affect our energy and our energy affects everything around us. Our beliefs affect our emotions our emotions affect our energy and our energy affects our partner. When we are very conscious, aware, and intentional about manifesting our energy we can manifest it sexually,” says Yaji.

Try By Yourself First

“First there are breathing exercises where you manifest sexual energy creating a sexy feeling for yourself. Once you do this individually you take this energy and bring it to your partner,” said Yaji.

Here is an exercise to try by yourself to experience sexual energy:

  1. Lie down with your knees bent, feet hip distance apart, and your lower back flat on the floor.
  2. Begin rocking your pelvis back with a slight arch, and breathe in as you tuck your pelvis, and then breathe out.
  3. After a few minutes lower your knees so they straighten and rest on the floor (make sure you keep breathing).
  4. Begin to visualize energy moving up your spine with your in-breath and moving down the front of your body when you breathe out.

Couple experimenting with spiritual sex

Steps to Have Spiritual Sex With Your Significant Other

In order to allow both you and your partner to experience spiritual sex your heart must be open to yourself and your partner. You both must be truly present with one another allowing your body, spirit, mind, and heart to all blend together.

  1. Once you have created this beautiful setting with your partner, sit opposite from them.
  2. Start taking deep breaths while looking into your partner’s eyes.
  3. Once you have both become relaxed, you will place your right hand on the other’s heart and then place your left hand over your partner’s hand and close your eyes.
  4. Continue your relaxed breaths and begin picturing a warm sun that begins at your heart and then expands to encompass both you and your partner’s bodies.
  5. Once you feel this warmth surrounding you both, place your hands on your lap and open your eyes.
  6. Begin saying a couple of phrases to your partner, for example, “May you always be happy,” then have your partner repeat your phrases.
  7. Begin breathing deeply for a minute or two and then hold one another.

This is an example exercise to begin creating sexual energy and conscious loving between you and your partner. “This will help you become aware of your partner’s energy and test to see how much you think you are feeling your partner and how much they feel you feeling them. You will become aware of subtleties the more you practice these exercises. Once you become aware you begin creating a union between you and your partner where the sexuality becomes really beautiful and sacred,” Yaji said.

What is Sacred Sex?

Yaji compares spiritual sex to Tantra – it’s about energy and consciousness. It helps us become aware of the energy that surrounds us, and that is within us.

“I don’t think spiritual, I talk about it more in terms of sacred. Sex is a sacred union everybody wants, and on a level we recognize that sexuality can be sacred. We make babies through sacred sex which is beautiful,” Yaji said.  “We have to remember that there is such a beautiful light side of sex.”

The idea of spiritual sex and sacred love has become a lot harder for couples due to the bastardization of outside sources such as porn, television, and books.

“I had one couple who were so disconnected from each other, the thought of looking into each other’s eyes for an extended period of time was intimidating for them,” said Yaji.

It has become normalcy to sleep with people where no love is shared. If there is a deep-rooted connection with two individuals who are married it is probably a lot less likely they will end up in a divorce. If you and your loved one have been losing emotion and feeling for one another, the act of spiritual sex may be extremely helpful for your relationship. Even if you are skeptical, trying can’t hurt!

spiritual sex floating couple intimacy

Visit Yaji Tramontini’s website today to learn more about relationship counseling, the therapists that work there, services, and locations. Making sure you find the right therapist is very important, especially when you are talking about a sensitive subject such as sex. Schedule your first free phone consultation today so you can have a good idea of who you will be working with before you make this important commitment. The consultation is about 10-20 minutes and you will be able to explain what is going on, what you want to get out of therapy, and the therapist will explain what the work will be like.

Yaji also offers “marriage adventures” that you and your partner can engage in to strengthen your love. Going on mini vacations with your significant other while strengthening your relationship will be an empowering, fun, and a rewarding experience for you both.

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