COVID-19 and Your Marriage: FIGHT

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This is the last blog in this COVID-19 and your marriage series that began on March 19th.  

The final secret in my book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage is FIGHT. Some of you may be thinking, “I thought he covered that in ENGAGE.” This is not about fighting in your marriage. It is about fighting together on the same team for your marriage. Let’s talk about what that really means on a day to day level.  

  • It means God first and your spouse second – always!

  • It means your arguments are not about who wins but rather your marriage winning.

  • It means serving each other.

  • It means empathy for each other.

  • It means praying together.

  • It means praying for each other

  • It means choosing your battles well.

  • It means giving and receiving grace from each other.

  • It means always working to better your communication.

  • It means embracing your sexual relationship as the gift it is.

  • It means taking the “divorce” word off the table for good.

  • It means laughing together

  • It means the three of you – God, husband, wife – fighting off all that would destroy you and getting stronger with every battle.

  • It means love at its deepest level.

Your next step this week is to go through the bullet points above and rate each one on a one to ten scale. Ten means you are knocking it out of the park and one means you don’t even have your uniform on yet. Most of us will be somewhere in between. Now prioritize your list. The last step is the most important. Without it nothing changes. Work through your list one bullet point at a time. That’s fighting for your marriage!

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