Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Self TreatmentClick Image To Visit SiteDear Friend How are your hands? Are you suffering from numbness in your hands and fingers? Has a doctor told you that you need carpal tunnel surgery? That you’d have permanent nerve damage if you didn’t. Yeah, that’s freaky scary. If so Please DON’T get surgery. Please listen to what I am about to say because it could change your life. You can get your hands back to normal without surgery, shots, drugs, or gizmos. Surgery ALWAYS leaves you hands weaker than normal hands, and may take weeks, months or even years to recover from – and some people never do. There is unique way of self-treatment that gets your hands back to their full range, pain free capacity, where you can do everyday things like buttoning up your shirt. I developed it because years ago I was going through the same thing. Plus I have helped thousands of clients – many who were much worse off than I was. I get it. Just doing every day things like unlocking a door or brushing your hair can be challenging and frustrating. But giving up some of the things you used to love to do can be more devistating. Perhaps for you it is playing music, writing, gardening, creating art, or whatever. How is it affecting your work? Your sleep? Your mental health?

My massage clients would often remark about how strong my hands were and would ask if had problems with carpal tunnel.

Many years ago I was working long hours doing massage in a large resort. My hands became increasingly numb.

Yeah I was scared. Only a few years into a new career. Was that about to end? Then what would I do?

But first let me tell you. I’m 66 years old and my hands… Read more…

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