American Natural Superfood Survival CB Control - Self-Reliance AssociationClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s called the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, and Obama snuck it in before he left office.

Like most Executive Orders, it’s designed to work around the normal system of checks and balances that are the foundation of our democracy.

This order effectively bans prepping because it gives the President and his thugs the right to YOUR survival stash.

In the event of a national crisis, maybe even before, the government is going to seize any available resources it can, by any means necessary.

Which means that it’s more important than ever for you to not only be prepared, but to have a stockpile that you can hide safely and move easily in the case you simply need to run for the hills.

I’ll show how to protect yourself and your family in a moment, first let me introduce myself because you’re probably wondering…

My name is Chris Peterson, and for the last 13 years I’ve been helping millions of American protect their personal information from Big Government’s prying eyes with the Patriot Privacy Kit.

We have over 23,000 paying members that get our weekly alerts and advice on becoming completely self-reliant with their food, self-defense, and energy needs.

Plus they left me feeling weak, gave me a mental ‘fog’, and completely ruined my energy levels.

When you’re in a survival situation your number one tool, above all those handy gadgets we all collect, is your MIND.

But the ‘bad taste’ of the food (literally and figuratively) and my experience with it never left me.

Dr. Conrad is a friendly Floridian and board certified physician. He’s been practicing for 23 years.

I started chatting to Dr. Conrad about my experience with the recent storm and how the… Read more…

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